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Rock Paper Scissors Button Set


Image of Rock Paper Scissors Button Set

“One, two, three, SHOOT!”

Set of three (3) 1-inch round pinback buttons — one “rock,” one “paper,” and one “scissors”. Black line drawings on silver metallic finish. (Images are printed on clear mylar, which is applied to the bare steel buttons.) Buttons come bagged with a blue drawing-patterned Dutchess & the Queen calling card.

Wear all three together! Mix and match two at a time! (Because maybe today is strictly a “paper covers rock” kind of day.) Or give one button each to three different people, and watch them battle it out!
However you decide to sport these badges, you'll get compliments on their cleverness and shininess. People like shiny things.

***LOCAL PICKUP AVAILABLE in Brooklyn, New York. INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING AVAILABLE. If you would like to pick up locally or ship internationally, CONTACT US before purchasing!***